MitchJ: Living Thru It All!

Me...thinking!  Scary!

Me…thinking! Scary!

JANUARY 6, 2013

I’ve got so much to be thankful for today, and I’m accomplishing things I never thought possible!  I’m on a journey I had absolutely no idea was coming my way, and so, I’m Living Thru It!!

My prior blog, “MitchJ: My Life After Death” no longer represents where I am today.  I’ve begun to move beyond the the mental and emotional darkness of my “death”, and today, I’m more energized and engaged with looking around me with eyes wide open, and looking forward at exponential potentials.

So today – 600 exact days after my “death”, I’m launching “MitchJ: Living Thru It All – a more clarified and focused voice for me focusing on my passions and interests, coupled with a desire to add value  AND provoke relevant thinking –  in myself and those around me.

  • Please join me in my journey.
  • Invite your friends, family, circles and communities to follow me!
  • Question my thoughts! Comment on my contributions.
  • Follow my links to my other social media sites .  LOVE my page!!
  • Need a viewpoint, suggestion, or my take on something going on with you?  Just ASK ME!

Be Bold, Be Brave, and Be!

Cheers to a successful closure of 2012, and Onward & Upward in 2013!





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